Working with ADHD/ADD & Anxiety

Do you struggle with

    • starting a task, staying on task and finishing tasks?
    • staying focused when the topic is not interesting to you?
    • lack of structure?
    • inefficient systems?
    • relationship problems at home and/or work?

Are you constantly

    • beating yourself up for not getting things done?
    • feeling behind in most areas of your life?
    • wishing you could be more like your friends that seem to have it all together?

If I just described you, chances are you could very well have ADHD or ADD.  No wonder your are experiencing anxiety.  Now what?

This is where I step in.

I have been working with clients diagnosed with ADHD since childhood, newly diagnosed, and even undiagnosed.

I myself was diagnosed with ADD as an adult and my son, in 4th grade.

My ultimate goal is to help you understand and repair the relationship you have with yourself and your ADHD.  Also to decrease overwhelm and get a grip on your anxiety.

I have a tremendous amount of experience in this area.

When I was diagnosed, my doctor recommended a few books then gave me the name of a psychiatrist so I could obtain a prescription for medication.  This was my treatment plan.

This plan works for many people but what about the people that struggle with this plan?

I always struggled with buying a book and actually reading it.  I could buy it because I wanted to feel better but I couldn’t always finish it.

This led me to more overwhelm and self criticism about how unproductive I was.  *sigh*

In my practice I was seeing many people struggling with the same problems I was having.  This never ending battle with ADHD overwhelm and anxiety in all areas of life.

But, over time, something else started to emerge from all my clients.  Familiar patterns that I also saw in myself.

My clients were creative, outside the box thinkers.  They could see the big picture when we would discuss issues.  Like a “bird’s eye view” of situations and problems.

They were also in touch with how they “felt” about something immediately.  They would just “know” if they should take the new job, etc.

And finally, I began to see another pattern.  They were very empathetic.  They could really empathize with how someone was feeling or experiencing an event.

After seeing the same traits over and over again for years, in all my ADHD/ADD clients, I knew I had to help them see and utilize these unique gifts.  I call these gifts, their “Super Powers”.  These super powers are the Truth of who they are.  Not the limiting story of ADHD/ADD.

Creative, Visionary, Intuitive, Empathic

My clients no longer find themselves in constant overwhelm because I have taught them how to utilize their super powers and live more in their truth.  The key is to manage your ADHD so it doesn’t manage you!

ADHD and Awakening

So, the first step for me is to bring “awareness” to each client.  Awareness of their truth, these traits that help my clients feel less overwhelmed and feel more in control.  Help them to use these newly discovered tools.

The next step in my process is called “clearing”.  We can not began to clear until we have awareness of our strengths.  We need to understand our strengths so we can move out of the illusion of our diagnosis.  We are divine beings.  We have just forgotten that along the way.  Diagnoses are a good way to keep us lost in an illusion of who we think we are.

I like to use the word ‘Truth” to represent our strengths and the word “Story” to represent our diagnoses.  Our truth empowers us and our story limits us.

The final step is “alignment”. Once you have cleared your limiting beiefs and discovered your truth, it is time to create a “vision”, a road map, of your “ideal life”.

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