Divine Alignment

What is Divine Alignment?

Divine Alignment means you are co-creating your life consciously in the vibration of love.  You consciously create a vision for your life and you are able to direct your mind through empowering thoughts and beliefs.

You are able to cultivate an inner landscape, a divine relationship with self, and realize you have everything you need.  You become, inner-self directed.

Once you cultivate this inner landscape, you begin to see it others.  You see yourself as a piece of this great puzzle of humanity.  You vibrate at love and strive to share this with the universe.  You realize we are all one whose purpose is to raise the vibration to love.

What keeps you out of alignment?

You come into this world shining like the brightest star in the universe.

As you start to interact with the world, you began to see yourself through the eyes of others.  You being to see their limiting beliefs as your own.  Your brightness begins to tarnish and you become dull.  Your inner brightness starts to dim.

You start to believe these limiting beliefs as your own and see yourself as “not good enough”or perhaps even “un-loveable”.  Your perceptions of the world begin to shift to fear and self-judgement.

Now you start judging others to justify how you feel.  You also look to others now to make you happy.  You no longer see yourself as the co-creator of your life because you need other people to make you happy, make you complete.  You begin to doubt your abilities and worry what other people think.

You are now vibrating in fear the majority of the time because you are trying to cultivate a life outside your inner-self.  You are neglecting your inner landscape, your true essence.

You now believe the “story” of who you are because your “truth” is no longer shining bright.  The vision you have created for your life is fear based.